Mastering JavaScript In 2020


This course is for anyone looking to get started with JavaScript. While it’s geared mostly for beginners, the concepts covered should be helpful for experienced developers looking to brush up on their JavaScript skills. I recommend this JavaScript course prior to jumping into higher level libraries such as React, Angular or Vue. Learn More

Web Development In 2020


This course is for anyone looking to become a professional web developer. In this course I’ll cover everything from the basics of web development to using modern tools and even deploying your app to a web server for the world to see. The course is just over 3 hours long. Learn More

Flexbox & Bootstrap 4 For Layouts


This interactive course will quickly teach you how to make modern layouts that are flexible across different screen sizes with minimal code using the latest from CSS Flexbox. Learn More

React For Beginners


This course is geared towards new React developers. We’re going to cover multiple ways of building components using the old class based system to the newer functional components using React Hooks. I also cover unit testing and production deployment. Learn More